How do I know by looking at silver earrings online if they will suit me or not?

Today we order nearly everything online. We all know that. But ordering silver earrings online can be a big mess, because your biggest concern is, will they suit my face. And since you can’t physically touch the earrings, forget placing them onto your ears and viewing them in front of a mirror, it can become a huge problem if you order your favourite pair that you chose after browsing for while and when it finally arrives, it does not suit your face.

SilverShine is here to provide you a short guide on how to choose the right kind of silver earrings to suit your face, although we recommend choosing the ones that make you feel beautiful, this counsel is just a little bit of guidance tool if you need one for your favourite silver earrings:

The Diamond – Headed
You are the one with the most amazing cheek bones. Your face is mostly a bit longer with a slender forehead. You face is a diamond like shape which makes longer silver earrings that hang and sway suit you better. Also silver earrings that have curvy and of a particular shape are definitely the ones that will suit you the best.

The “Heart” throb
With a slender chin and a wide forehead your face is very much like in the shape of a heart. Although you are as beautiful as a heart, we recommend a more elaborate and decorative kind of an earring which nearly fills in your narrow chin. Rain drop like silver earrings any kind of earring which is a little more ornamented would suite you wonderfully.

The Slender Girl
Your face is generally long and slender, and so the most ideal thing to do would be to bring about a filling effect. Your beautiful face can basically suit anything, but it’d be best to avoid smaller silver earrings of any kind, but studs are definitely in.

The All-Rounder
Since your face is round, the best thing would be to steer clear of any round silver earrings. Long and dangling silver earrings would certainly be your best shot, and any rain drop style silver earrings would make you the look you want.

The President of the “Oval” Office
Yes girl you are the president of the face shapes! Because you are so lucky to have an oval face. The silver earrings that will suit your face shape, are every style. Go crazy! From studs, to rounds, to longs, to danglers, you can pull off anything!

The Social “Square”
You have a square shaped face, i.e. your cheekbones and jaw line fall in the same line. Simplicity would be your deal. Studs, large and small silver earrings, hoopy silver earrings are all in!
Although we have compiled this list to eradicate any confusion you have, we would definitely love for you to choose the silver earrings that you feel the most beautiful in. Your taste matters the most. Love what you wear, and wear what you love!

SilverShine offers all kinds of shapes and designs to suit your silver earrings needs. Our pure 925 sterling silver is passed through the most toughest tests of purity, has been certified to be the best in quality. We care about our customers and hence we invest hours every day in handpicking only the best designs to be placed on our website for you to choose only from the most cream selection of silver earrings.

“Why do girls accessorize?” asks a boy to a girl. “Because it’s our birthright!” replies the girl.
Women and girls back in the day were known to play the role of a mother or a sister, who was expected to get married and be a stay at home wife, cook food, and take care of her husband and her new family. These were the most aspirations that the world presumed for women.

But today it’s the 21st century, and the woman or the girl of 2019 knows what she wants. She has dreams! At the same time she has the ability to achieve them! She is far more successful in number than men. And her she has created the kind of assoccries trend that compliments her In her hustles.

Unlike gold or platinum, silver earrings are much shinier and affordable. A girl or a woman of 2019 doesn’t want any kind of expensive assoccries bother her while she is hustling hard to get to her goals. She doesn’t want to be bothered by the slightest thought of losing any expensive assoccries . She likes wearing the latest designs of silver earrings simply because they’re affordable and the best and cheap earrings online can easily be replaced if lost. She likes to stay on point so as to exhibit an effortless and graceful hustle. She makes seem everything that she does in a day nearly feather-weighted. No matter where she is, studs in the office, long silver earrings at weddings, or fancy earrings for her casual outings, she knows how to carry herself in the most elegant way possible. Her silver hoop earrings give her the debonair looks while she is hard at work. A girl or woman of 2019, no matter what her age, loves silver jhumka designs and any kind of ethnic earrings designs for celebrating weddings and festivals with her beloved ones.

Today for young girls and women, buying silver earrings and other kinds of silver assoccries has become a very online experience. The woman or the girls of today do not have the time to visit a physical when she is busy hustling through her, to get to her professional goals. Silver and diamond earrings online are an absolutely easy access for those that do not want to waste time in driving especially only purchasing silver assoccries . Which is why the woman of today although does not find time in her busy schedule for mundane jobs, still stays on par with the ongoing trends. It wasn’t easy in a world without the internet, but today there is a market to buy silver earrings for girls online. The women and the girls of 2019 have decided to create the need, and everything else has only followed.


If you are a boy or a girl, SilverShine hosts one of the largest collections of silver, diamond and pearl earrings online. As a guy you can view our silver earrings for girls online or you can plan on placing an order for your female loved ones, may it be your partner, friend, sister or mother. As a girl, you our website is nothing short of a silver paradise. You can scroll on and view our mammoth collection, which is nothing short of an entire bazaar of latest silver earring designs at the touch of your fingers. Our products are made of pure 925 sterling silver and we ensure it by provided our authenticity certificates on our website.

Our assoccries passes some of the toughest assoccries standard tests, both internal and external, only to serve you the best! Any kind of compromises are beneath us, and the only thing that we expect is an absolute blind trust!


Hoopy and Hanging Earrings:
We have a beautifully exquisite array of hanging and hoopy earrings. A collection so vast, you won’t need to visit any store, nor any other website. Our carefully handpicked silver earrings are selected by our trend analysts that stay constantly updated with the ongoing trends of the fashion world. The hanging earring designs are certainly to die for. The jaw dropping prices, for the latest and greatest earring designs and trends at the ease of door step delivery is exactly what we want for our customers.

Drop earrings:
Our winnowed collection of drop earrings does not comprise of any casual designs. All the designs are curated personally by team Silver Shine. These designs are created by artisans with time and commitment. Every pair of drop earrings is on our website for a reason, and only the most desirable ones make it to our website for you to choose from.
Jhumkas and Dangler earrings:
Our dangler earrings selection is the most popular from our silver earrings collection. We assure you, won’t leave this category without adding anything to your wishlist or your cart! Our traditional Indian jhumkas and danglers are crafted with fine detail and since all our silver earrings are rhodium plated, you can wear them as frequently as you want, and not just on occasions.

Our stud designs are voguish and very versatile! Our silver studs selection is ant-toxic to your skin, and due to the rhodium coating you can wear them to your office everyday without worrying about it turning black. We understand that silver assoccries care can be bit of a hassle, and hence we invest in rhodium coats for our silver earrings which does not impair it’s quality only enhances its utility and makes it more long  lasting. Most of all it gives you an ease of everyday use instead of placing it in assoccries boxes without actually being able to use them.

SilverShine hosts a wide selection specially catered to gifting. We might just save your life at times, when you suddenly remember someone’s birthday is round the corner, and you haven’t prepared anything, and are now absolutely confused what gift to give. Silver bali style earrings or silver studs are classy, affordable and buying imagine you are back from a hectic day at work. Do you really think you’d want to go out, face traffic, pollution, and noise after all that work? You don’t deserve that, and SilverShine knows that very well. This is why we want you to relax and place your orders to gift silver earrings or any other kind of silver assoccries from the comfort of your blanket. Leave the rest on us. Make your worries ours. Don’t carry the burden alone!

The best bazaars in India to buy silver earrings!

The Crawford Market in Mumbai
Named after Arthur Crawford, the first Municipal Commissioner of Mumbai city, the Crawford market is 5,515 sq m. Famous for all kinds of things, Crawford Market is also known for the array of silver earrings stores that it exhibits. Although the genuineness of the silver earrings in the market may be questionable, most silver shops may provide you with an authenticity certificate if need be.  Some silver assoccries shops in the Crawford Market are as old as 50 years old. Crawford markets is one of the most crowded markets in all of Mumbai. Although the assoccries stores are spaced out, getting to one of these stores is a major task. One needs walk through a lot in a overly crowded market only hoping to find their favourite assoccries in one shop.

Dariba Kalan Delhi
The Dariba Kalan bazaar now known as Kinari Bazaar, is one of the most unparalleled markets of silver earrings and assoccries in all of India. Dariba Kalan, popularly became the jewel street of Delhi, due to a long street of 50 shops selling exclusive silver earrings. Located in Chandni Chowk, Dariba Kalan has shops that are as old as 200 years old. The Dariba Kalan once lost it’s affluence after a Persian invader murdered 100s of civilians and robbed all the jewels in the street, but in spite of it, the spirit of the people did not let this place lose its shine. They continued to sell silver earrings assoccries . It is definitely worth a visit for it’s silver earrings collection.

GK1 market in Delhi
Greater Kailash 1 hosts some of the best shops for silver earrings, and silver nose pins. It can be a silver lovers nightmare, simply because a silver earrings lover might end up spending a lot here. A silver earrings lover, or just an earrings lover would simply not be able to resist not spending here. This market is a woman’s paradise to shop accessories. One might have to spend a whole day here only to see the whole of their beautiful collection. Just keep in mind GK1 can be a crowded market, and Delhi weathers are much too extreme.

Chameli Market in Jaipur
The. Silver. Market. Chameli Market also known as Chameliwala Market, is a one stop destination in Jaipur for silver earrings . Most silver shops in this market are 100% pure sterling silver shops and asking them their authentication certificate may be offensive to them.  With at least 50 shops clumped in several lanes, the Chameli Market in Jaipur is definitely one the best and one of the lesser known markets for silver earrings in India. Your hunt for silver earrings earrings or any kind of silver will be well satisfied here, since there are infinite styles, patterns and designs available in the abundance of stores in the market all providing the same thing, i.e. silver earrings assoccries .

Johri Bazaar in Jaipur
Johri Bazaar i.e. “The Goldsmith Bazaar” is known for one thing, assoccries . Located in the old city, the Johari Bazar is at the junction of Haldion ka Rasta and Gopalji ka Rasta. Amongst the many assoccries stores and gem stores, you are sure to find several silver earrings assoccries stores in this two kilometer long lane.

Most of the silver assoccries stores are authentic and may even provide their authenticity certificate if asked for. The Johri Bazaar in Jaipur has more than 400 shops featuring Rajasthani assoccries and artifacts. Several of these shops expertise in silver earrings assoccries . The best time to visit Johri Bazaar is in between November to February due to the scorching heats in Jaipur going upto 45 degrees celsius. The Johri Bazaar is also known for its open workshops where you can watch silver earrings assoccries being crafted by hand by artists right in front of you.

Zaveri Bazaar in Mumbai
Zaveri Bazaar in Mumbai is a major assoccries market for B2B and B2C industry.  Zaveri Bazar is a muddle of hundreds of shops clumped together in a large area known for one and absolutely one thing, i.e. . There are numerous silver earrings stores in this muddle of shops. 65% of all assoccries trading and dealing in India is estimated to originate from this market. Named after Tibhovandas Bhimji Zaveri, one of the biggest assoccries retailers in India, established in 1864 is secured with private protection for every shop since it does a huge trade in diamond and metal assoccries. The array of collection of silver earrings is insurmountable. Your mere presence there will be a witness to a historical landmark.

There is a hidden secret in this piece of content, what you may not have realized is buying silver earrings from these amazing markets is not always possible. Since to most customers these places are very far distance wise, and while for those that actually visit these markets, the labour that involves in actually reaching the market is just far too harrowing. Crossing crowds in difficult temperatures is truly not that a pleasant experience. Although some would say they would get to physically see the product, but what if you get an amalgamation of all these bazaars on a single website? is the only website you will ever need for your silver earrings needs. No hassles, no traffic. Order from the comfort of your home. All you need is a working internet connection to connect with us. Our silver purity has acquired some of the toughest authentication certifications that are posted on our website. Your rose gold earrings shopping stress is ours now.

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