Bracelets have long been a part of the human world. Bracelets to us have remained symbolic for all kinds of reasons. Eternal love, the circle of life, and today also fashion!
We are in the 21st Century today in the year 2019 and a girl or a woman wants to work, stay independent and stylish at the same time. Bracelets have kept girls and woman on point so effortlessly that it almost seems magical.

No matter what your attire, just adding the right kind of bracelet can bring it all together. Depending on the kind of occasion or location, may it be a daily work day at the office, an outing with your close circle, a blind date, a festival, or a wedding ceremony, the right kind of fancy bracelet with the appropriate outfit can completely change your persona, and give you the sophisticated elegance that you yearn for.

What silver bracelets go with which attire?

Thin, subtle and minimalistic!
Sleek silver bracelets are some of the most elegant style of bracelets. They’re life savers. A sleek silver bracelet matches nearly all attires. They’re your last resort in times of emergencies, although they also are one of the best resorts. In times when all else fails, your subtle and thin designed silver adjustable bracelet can completely turn your day around.

Pearl for the elegant girl.
Although pearls don’t go with every attire, they are certainly a saver many a times depending on the colour of the pearls. White pearl silver bracelets are the most attire friendly from the pearl family. Without any hesitance a pearl bracelet looks way more elegant than that of any other kind. An amalgamation of pearls with a silver bracelet is like riding a Rolls Royce on the Mumbai-Pune Highway, an absolutely unforgettable experience.

The Golden. The Black. The White.
If you are unaware of this combination, well then I am letting you out a big fashion secret! A combination of golden, black and white is the ultimate hack of all kinds of silver bracelets. Once a decent design is created in this kind of colour combination, you have pretty much fixed your entire jewellery box. For me this is a must have item in the jewellery closet. I have these in spare in my care in case I break any bracelet that I am wearing due to wear and tear.

I have tried this combination on my office outfits, on casuals, on my sari and also on my night gowns while on a night stay at a friend’s place. I am a certain position in a firm, although I work around the clock, I make it a point to look on par with my attire. My hard bracelets are pretty much a part me today. Without them I do not leave my apartment.

The Elaborate Bracelet
Thicker, detailed and elaborate silver bracelets are a true jewel in your jewellery box. These kind of bracelets are not for your office wear. They can easily look heavy and goudy if not worn with the right kind of clothing. Although they’re quintessential to every jewellery box, they do not demand to me worn very often. Elaborate designer silver bracelets are almost always worn on occasions on clothes like saris, chaniya choli, and one piece gowns or short tops. They are seriously glamorous and demand a very flashy attention regardless of your attire. They bring your red carpet attire together and add another layer of grace to it.

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