Stud Earrings for the Ladies of the 21st Century

Stud earrings are a miraculous piece of jewellery. They are also known as dot earrings because they are dot like shaped earrings. They are usually shiny and flashy and since they are so small they never appear goudy. Pure silver stud earrings are hence an excellent shiny piece of jewellery. Silver being the shiniest metals on earth is suited for adding an extra oomph to beautiful stud earrings.

Silver stud earrings are little wearable self-sufficient niblets of jewellery that do not require much else if you are planning on wearing them on any casual day at the office. They are like shorts for ears. Silver stud earrings are a world of paradise for ears that otherwise end up bearing a lot of weight of big heavy earrings.

Our Collection
Our stud earrings are not all dot shaped although they may be of the same size or a little bigger. Our collection of pure silver stud earrings include designs like star, dangle leaf, fish, black flower, bows and many more stunning and swanky patterns.

Silver Shine Team
Our team tirelessly works around the clock to deliver you products of pure silver stud earrings of your choice from the start where out of thousands of designs our trend analysts hand pick some of the most vogue designs. They are then placed forth our new and loyal customers for them to choose from. This means they receive only the most cream collection of stud earrings to choose their favourites and place an order.

They are then packaged and delivered by our most veteran delivery partners in a timely, accurate and safe manner.