The oldest toe rings are said to originate from India. The earliest mention of toe rings is said to be back in the 4th century BC in the writings of Valkimi in the scriptures of the epic “Ramayana”. Valkimi mentioned toe rings as a piece of jewel known to accessorize women that are traditionally worn by married women and brides only. There is a well known story from Ramayana, that Ma Sita had thrown her “bichiya” away when she was being abducted by Ravan so that Lord Rama could find her.

Toe rings in the Hindu culture have hence ever since been known to be worn by married women. It is symbolic of a commitment that one has tied their feet with someone for the rest of their life, and will be walking with them through life forever. Toe rings have always been known to be made of silver since in the Hindu culture, gold holds a certain level of “respect” and hence it is never worn anywhere under the waist. Toe rings made of silver are generally worn on a daily basis hence they can easily form black tarnish with a short span of time. The pure 925 sterling silver toe rings online available on our website are rhodium plated for them to continue shining for as long as possible without the hassles of cleaning them. Although once they were only worn by married women symbolic of them having tied the knot, today those kinds of customs are far from the world of fashion accessories. Today even unmarried girls wear silver toe rings if they feel like wearing it. Indian girls are proud to have a silver toe ring in their jewellery box, since India is where it all started first, and then it was adopted by American and Arab women.

Our 925 silver toe ring price is placed very competitively in order to provide you with best in value products. Our products are all rhodium coated for you to wear them on a daily basis without worrying if they’d form black tarnish. The coating is a protective layer and does not hamper or degrade the quality of the silver toe rings for girls in any way. Our trend team frequently conducts a deep trend analysis according to which each item is carefully handpicked and only the most cream patterns make it to our website for you choose from. Below are some of our styles of silver toe rings:

Diamond Silver Toe Rings
One of our most popular latest toe ring designs are diamond silver toe rings. Created with precious American diamonds, these come in various designs like circle, square, flower, triangle, star and many others. They created to enhance the grace of your beautiful feet without hurting them the slightest. Our silver payal with toe ring undergo a strict quality check in order to provide you with a product that is truly refined.

The diamond toe rings are flawless, and are precision cut and polished so that they do not hurt you in anyway. Although they are machine built for an absolute experience, our silver toe rings in India and USA are created by expert and passionate artisans that make a living off of making the most eye-pleasing designs ever.

Oxidized Pure Silver Fancy Toe Rings
Fancy oxidized toe rings although at a glance were once considered cheap toe ring products, today they’re the ripped jeans of the silver toe rings collection. They are very trendy today due to its affordability and durability quotient. Designers create intricate designs that are then oxidized to give it a certain edgy look that can’t be replicated by any other kind metal. These oxidized 925 silver toe rings can last a life time before they begin to corrode or develop further black tarnish.

Designer Black diamond silver Toe Rings
Black diamonds are becoming a slow but gradually growing trend today. Many girls enjoy wearing black diamond nose studs. And so designer black diamond silver toe rings, though quirky and not the taste of everyone’s liking we have still included them since they are very trendy today. There are certain people that only prefer these kinds and hence we have kept our silver toe rings price as low as possible.

Subtle styles
Our collection also include thin skinny designs without any charms, since we understand that there are people that do not want any flashy toe rings, and for their simplicity we love them! We placed some of the most simple and elegant designs for those simpletons and minimalists. These subtle silver toe rings are also rhodium plated for them to last for as long as without creating black tarnish. They can wear them on a daily basis without fearing any atmospheric interaction with the toe ring’s material.

Elaborate toe rings
Some of our silver toe rings online collection always includes elaborate designs for those that love big flashy designs. We love all kinds of customers always have something special catered to their specific needs. So with trend updates all of our customers receive updated designs in their respective styles.

Our new re-design of our website is created to give you the door-step convenience that you deserve.
One our main purposes to create this website was to provide our customers with a grandeur bazaar of silver jewellery products at the palm of their hands. Our new re-design helps you scroll through our mommoth collection in the easiest and the most user-friendly way possible. So only using your thumbs in the comfort of your warm blanket you can place your order of your favourite silver toe rings. That is all the work that you’d have to do. The rest you can leave it on us. We will make sure your toe rings reach you safely. Our carefully curated process prioritizes us to select experienced delivery veterans so that you get your products in an orderly, safely, and timely manner.

Return Policy
Our 15 day return policy is not only available on our sterling silver toe ring designs but also on all our other products. Our return policy allows you shop care-free, as if you have any issues once the product has been delivered to you, you may return the product and order another. Please read our return policy for a detailed understanding.

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