Silver Jewellery Anklets – A Transformation of an Era

The word pedicure comes from the latin word ped, i.e. feet, and curare, i.e. cure. Pedicure actually a French word means a cure for your feet.  A girl or a woman gets a pedicure as a therapeutic treatment for her feet. After such an expensive therapeutic treatment, do you really think she wants to wear a mediocre anklet? Do you think she’d wear a road side payal that would probably end up harming her skin?

Silver anklets are non-toxic to the skin. They don’t cause rashes or irritations. Moreover the beauty that they add to those fragile feet is exquisite. Silver has been one of the most important metals since the early kingdoms of the Peninsular India. The inspiration for designer silver anklets or silver payal today goes centuries back, when India was a land of paradise and silver coins were in order. Even in the times of Mohenjo Daro, anklets were worn back in 25 BCE to beautify their feet. Their though bruised but strong bare feet, looked splendid due to their payal. Their women would walk miles and miles everyday since vehicles were yet to be invented, but their payals added a certain grace to their dusty feet.

Anklets have although completely transformed to modern designs today, they still hold the same elegance for the feet. Today we also have pure silver anklets. I feel this history of India has made silver anklets for girls nearly irresistible. Silver anklets for brides are the newest trend. From being worn to corn fields, to now being worn by brides, anklets for girls have come a long way. Today’s tech savvy girl doesn’t need to even step outside her house to look for these. They can order anklets online, and get them delivered to her doorstep. So, dusted feet or not, the silver payal will always beautify a girl’s feet.

Centuries ago silver was used as coins, and with the advancement of the world, today women wear them for their feet in the form of silver anklets, because they care for their feet. Today after an expensive pedicure treatment a cheap anklet is near unacceptable to women. They want the best for their gentle feet, and pure silver anklets are certainly the best solution to that. Style and sensibility, are two critical things women want out of jewellery, and silver offers both. Even if they lose an anklet while walking, due to the affordability of silver anklets, it is not a point to cry on and they can easily replace it with another unless it has emotional value.

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