A pendant set is when a pendant matches with the earrings. Pendant sets came into being when matching a pendant to different kinds of earrings was a hassle. Hence people started created pendant sets which looked an absolute marvel!

Ever since the iPhone was announced in the colour Rose, the internet has gone completely crazy behind this colour. So much that even rose jewellery that was not that popular before suddenly grew popular.

The rose silver pendant sets on our website are simply mesmerizing. Although we have some of the simplest rose silver pendant sets designs, but a better look at them will tell you how intricate they are in themselves. Our silver rose pendant sets are design in a way that may it be a pendant or earrings, it does not seem out of place. Sometimes while trying to create matching designs, many jewellery designers end up ruining one or the other.

Silver shine takes pride in having a team that understands design and fashion aesthetics. A team that is updated on trend and at the same times knows what it’s customers would appreciate. This is why we are proud of our elegant collection of rose silver pendants sets.