Rose gold silver earrings – The Collection of Intimacy

So what do we know about the woman of today? Well, one thing’s for sure that she doesn’t like being tied down. That she doesn’t want to be dictated what to do and what not to do. She has lived in a patriarchal society for centuries and been asked to wear precious metal earrings and decorated like a trophy whichever way anyone liked. She has felt the oppression of the opposite gender in a world that is equally hers. If you think this is it, it isn’t, even today men think they are superior to women in several walks of life, may it be being disparity in the amount paid to a girl vs a guy, or probably in general freedom given to a guy is more biased than that of a girl. These have existed for centuries. And now its nearly 2020, and all these differences are nearly gone.

SilverShine understands that this didn’t change over a night. That this sadly changed only when women took opportunities that were never given to them. SilverShine feels that this change calls for a commemoration, and hence we dedicate our entire collection of rose gold  earrings for all the times that they felt that it was unfair because they were a female. SilverShine pledges to never forget how the women of today have risen from near ashes. That how fast they have almost caught on with guys that have been struggling past several years for the most part. And hence it makes a promise to itself to always make things convenient for them. To continue to create rose gold earrings inspite of it being a rare style.

Rose gold earrings Collections at SilverShine
The rose gold earrings collections at SilverShine are made from pure sterling silver beneath and are coated with pure rose gold over it. Collections of rose gold earrings created by SilverShine are one of the largest and the most diverse collections in the world. SilverShine releases rose gold earrings collections periodically but takes enough time to create those. This time allows it to create mammoth collections of rose gold earrings by following a process of protocol which ensures that their collections that are finalized at the end are a true testament of the finest craftsmanship in the country. The rose gold earrings are truly a masterpiece of pure excellence and creating collections for this is an honour for those that work at SilverShine.
The process of protocol starts where the SIO (Selections Incharge Officer) basiscally views tonnes of designs and patterns of rose gold earrings on a daily basis. He/She then creates a list of handpicked pieces and reports to the Head of SIO who basically handles a team of multiple SIOs that have the same task. The head of SIO then creates a “first draft” where therein is a compilation of all the handpicked pieces submitted by the SIOs.

The “First Draft” is then handled by Fashion Suspect Officer who is an expert in keeping track of ongoing trends and has the creative liberty to create new trends. He/She then carefully examines each piece in the “First Draft” and narrows the list down by discarded pieces that are simply not worth for the SilverShine community shoppers, which then leads to the creation of the “Intermediate Draft” of the rose gold earrings. Approaching this stage the surviving rose gold earrings in the “Intermediate Draft” now undergo a series of quality check tests. The rose gold earrings undergo a durability test, scratchability test and finally a skin-friendly test

I know right this is like a Survivors Episode! Its pretty crazy! Anyways, in the durability test the  rose gold earrings are completely mauled and crushed, this allows us to measure the pressure that every jewellery can withstand.
Next comes the scratchability test. Picks of different scales of hardness are used. The depth of the grooves is noted and the rose gold earrings that meet standards are allowed to continue further.
Finally comes the skin-friendly test. This test requires a subject to be worn the rose gold earrings samples for atleast a good 48 hours.
Finally only the surviving rose gold earrings become a part of a collection when completed is uploaded online.
After so much how affordable are they?
We don’t charge anything to meet standards. To us these meeting these standards is a given and anyone in the industry who does meet these, well must learn from us an example. The rose gold earrings price is kept as close to its actually value as possible to keep it as affordable as possible for its consumers. This allows them the liberty to buy how many ever that they like to buy.

SivlerShine keeps these rose gold earrings affordable knowing the fact that its the top selling ornament on its web-store. SilverShine shoppers are extremely pragmatic spenders and do not wnat to spend money on extremely expensive ornaments. This gives them the liberty to change with fashion as they like and stay updated with fashion at all times.

Packaging and delivery:
The moment you place an order on your favourite  rose gold earrings, they are removed from stock and packaged in a clean environment to avoid any contaminants. Here at SilverShine we do not like when you open a package first encounter with dust before you actually get to your precious rose gold earrings. Finally they are delivered by one of the most veteran organisations all across the United States Of America, i.e. the UPS. United Parcel Service has more than a million deliveries in a single day.