Hard bracelet

Boys wear different kinds of Kadas but what about our girls? Our exclusive hard bracelets range especially catered to girls consists of sharp but gentle trendy hard bracelets line is worth a glance! This is one of the most unique items of jewellery on our website.

Our Hard Bracelet Collection

Our hard bracelets include from sleek and minimalistic to the most elaborate and eloquent designs available on the internet today. Our designs include, pearl hard bracelet, diamond hard bracelet, a minimalistic rose gold butterfly hard bracelet and many more. We are sure if you are looking for kadas or hard bracelets for girls, you’ve come at the right place. Our hard bracelets make one the most unique gifts to give to someone. If you want someone to remember you for a lifetime, hard bracelets for a girl or a woman are certainly a way to make it into her heart.

Silver Shine Team
We at Silver Shine have taken months analyzing this category and understanding that there is a need to explore this in the market because there are customers waiting for good quality hard bracelet designs.

After you placing your order for your favourite hard bracelet designs, we package them in a clean environment and protect it from contaminants during packaging. We’d like you to be the first one to touch your precious hard bracelet. This is why we have collaborated with some of the most veteran delivery organizations in the country so that your favourite jewellery is not tampered during transit and is delivered to you in a prompt, accurate and safe manner.