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Silver engagement rings – A Timeless Tale

Engagements are a prequel to beginning of a life-time worth of commitment. It is the beginning of a new phase in life. It is us celebrating before commencing a new life. An engagement ceremony is embracing for the beginning of a new chapter of life that is marriage. We at Silver Shine take our engagement rings very seriously. Our silver engagement rings are for those that are practical and do not believe in spending so much during the marriage rather they’d spend all that money to enrich their marriage later on. Our silver engagement rings are rhodium. And if you think you can’t wear them on a daily basis you are wrong since the rhodium coating on our silver engagement rings completely eliminates any possibility of corroding the ring and turning it black. We understand that silver engagement rings may be passed on from one generation to the other. Hence our silver engagement rings are made from solid precisely cut solitaire diamonds. The silver engagement ring designs are a true testament of some of the finest exquisitely refined materials giving you that robust opulent feel surrounding your finger with a sumptuous circle of an everlasting perpetuity.

What next?
Once you place your order for your engagement rings, they are packed in a clean environment without any contaminants. We assure you that you would be the first to touch your precious selections. The rings are shipped through our veteran delivery partners for them to reach you safely, accurately and on time. We do have a 15 day return policy for your convenience if incase you don’t receive what you expected. This is only a pre-requisite and we are without a doubt, very sure you won’t be needing it. SilverShine Jewellery