Drop earrings for the Ladies of the 21st century.

Drop earrings are some of the most elegant and graceful earrings to have ever existed. But they soon became monotonous not due to its style but due to most market designs being the same old kind, which made people bored of it. Even today although drop earrings are trendy, most sellers are selling the same generic designs that were sold years ago. Fashion expects change, and like any other jewellery drop earrings need innovation and newness that is almost non-existent. Silver Shine has made an effort to create new drop earring designs that are not available anywhere. If you are a frequent accessory shopper, one glance at our pearl and gold drop earrings would give you a good idea about how much we have innovated in drop earrings.

Our Collection
Silver Shine promises innovation in jewellery. Our drop earrings are a true testament of our vigour at imagining and creating new, unique and soothing designs for your positive vibe and an attractive experience.

Our drop earrings include pearl, gold, blue stone and several other designs of drop earrings. Our designs cannot be put into words. It is something that can experienced only putting them on! A sumptuous array of designs created with a marvel of craftsmanship inspired from the most indie to the trendiest designs. A amalgamation of an essence of a purely handcrafted jewellery with the minds of veteran artisans that will make you fall in love with drop earrings all over again.

Silver Shine Team
We at Silver Shine absolutely adore drop earrings. To us pretty much anything old is gold. As history repeats itself, today drop earrings are in trend again, and we pledge to continue to innovate them to keep them going forever!