“Bali” in Hindi has been traditional known as a word for hoop earrings.  Although today bali earrings has fairly evolved to a broader meaning. Bali style earrings today are similar to drop earrings except bali earrings gold are very shape structured rather than designs. Bali earrings are one of the cutest style of earrings and India has been known to create this style of earrings. Bali earrings have nothing to do with the holiday destination Bali. They were culturally born in India and hence they had an Indian name i.e. bali earrings gold .

Our Collection
The Indian bali style earrings collection includes all kinds of gold-plated, leaf shaped, triangle shaped, and hoop shaped earrings. Their absolute affordability and unique designs make them a great trend updating piece of jewellery. These are earrings are made from solid durable materials to create a long lasting pair, to withstand your daily wear and tear.

Silver shine is proud of its unbeatable bali earrings gold collection. We have a bazaar substitute worth of earrings that will make your most tantalizing desires come to life. We do not intend to confuse you between two or more designs, although all our designs are handpicked and you are sure to befuddle yourself as to which you like the most.

After you place an order, some of our most experienced delivery partners ship your bali style hoop earrings to your destination in a timely, accurate and safe manner. Our delivery partners are veterans with millions of deliveries under their belt, and if anyone knows how to handle our delicate jewellery it is them

We also have a 15 Day return policy incase you find any disparities in our expectations vs the product that you receive. This way you get to shop carefree. Please view our return policy in the footer of the website to know more.
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