Adjustable Bracelets – For your Wrist Comfort

Bracelets bought online can sometimes have a tight or a snug fit, and can may your wrist feel a little restrained. Hence sterling silver adjustable bracelets are new style statement of elegance and comfort. This extremely light weight designs are created to complacently sit on your wrist with an adjustable sterling silver braided strap to allow you to make a choice between a snug or lose comfort.

Our Collection
Our Adjustable sterling silver bangle bracelet designs vary from the simplest to the most mesmerizing mosaics of the latest fashion trends.

Our delicate adjustable sterling silver bracelets online are very durable and long lasting. All our adjustable distance bangle bracelets are rhodium plated. The rhodium plated does not degrade the quality of sterling silver material in the bracelets, instead it enhances it’s properties and completely eliminates and possibility of corrosion due to atmospheric interaction. Rhodium is a white shiny noble metal that stays stable in normal atmospheric conditions. Which means you can now wear your adjustable silver bracelets without any hesitance of it turning black over time. Since our bracelets are very affordable, you may easily replace them with changing trends.

We understand that the ladies of the 21st century believe in staying independent and working towards their dreams and goals while staying on point with their jewellery. Our numerous and versatile designs will allow her to finish her duties of the day with an elegance of effortlessness nearly seeming to deceive anyone by taking some of the most difficult decisions on a daily basis with a grace of a smooth cursive scripture. Our adjustable bracelets collection is one of the most pragmatic choices for a woman, to continue her pursuit of happiness, with wrist of comfort.