Silver Shine Products Double Layer Folding Portable Wine Bottle Umbrella with Bottle Cover for UV Protection & Rain (Assorted Color)

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SILVER SHINE Wine Bottle Pink 31 cm Travel Umbrella / Folding Portable Umbrella with Plastic Case 0% Print Umbrella 3 Fold Sunny Rainy Umbrella 1.Wine Bottle Black 31 cm Height Travel Umbrella / Folding Portable Umbrella with Plastic Case 0% Print Umbrella 3 Fold Sunny Rainy Umbrella 2.Compact automatic fashion wine bottle folding anti uv parasol sun rain umbrella. 3.This is not only a pretty bottle when you open the bottle and you can pull out a nice umbrella. 4.It can be stood as a bottle of wine or can be hung as an excellent ornament with a rope. 5.When not in use can be stored in a compact carrying case, no-drip mess or no wet floors. 6.For those occasions that we are treated to a downpour, pop up a spirited solution to fashionably protect yourself. Features: -Ideal for the rainy season. Has strap for easy carrying and storage. -There is a rope hidden in the cork, pull it out can be easy to hang up the umbrella. -The waterproof bottle prevents drips from wetting floor or clothes. - It is perfect for travelling or storing in your bag. -It can be the best ing choice. Specifications : Designed in a bottle compact manner,has folding opening - automatic style. Umbrella cloth material : polyester fabric bottle material: plastic umbrella diameter : about 106cm (open) umbrella rod length : about 31~58cm bottle diameter : about 5cm bottle height : about 31cm. Package includes: 1 x fashion anti uv automatic umbrella.NOTE:Assorted color (Multicolor) Any color available do this provide product

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  • Product Code #HO-3056
  • Product Type Fashion Jewellery (Alloy/Brass/Stainless steel)
  • Product Brand SilverShine

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