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Fashion Imitation Bracelet for the Ladies of 2019

An empty wrist although does not say much. But the look of a fashion imitation bracelet can bring an entire wardrobe together. Your wordrobe may look very beautiful, but an empty wrist will always make it seem as if something is missing. In 2008 one of the oldest bracelets was found to be made nearly 40,000 years ago. I guess even back then humans had a sense of aesthetics! A beautiful fashion imitation bracelet on your delicate wrist may not just bring your wardrobe together, but depending on what the fashion bracelet is made of, it can change your entire day!

  • The beads and colour stones used in the fashion imitation bracelets at silvershinerjewellery.com are carefully handpicked for not just the best designs, but also to bring out the positivity in you.  
  • The sophisticated stones and pearls wound into our fashion imitation bracelets are meticulously chosen for style and vibe, so as to make you feel calm and relaxed as well as adoringly beautiful!  
  • We understand that sometimes fashion imitation bracelets can be heavy due to their elaborate design, and hence our beads and stones have been kept light weight to alleviate any possibility of stress due to the bracelet’s weight.  
  • Although our fashion imitation bracelets are very affordable, the materials used to create are completely non-toxic and very gentle on the skin. Our products are tried and tested before they make it to our customers.  
  • Packaging of our fashion imitation bracelets (or any other product) is done in a clean habitat for it to avoid interaction with any unclean particles like dust or dirt before it is delivered to you.
  • We regularly update our collections to keep with the trend
  • Our team works painstakingly works around the clock to bring to only the best in designs
  • The designs of the fashion imitation bracelets ( or any other fashion imitation jewelleries) created by artists are unique and very diverse from each other to suit your different jewellery needs
  • Our top notch quality of materials used to create our products is not an outstanding feature but it is simply our basic standards. Any quality compromises are beneath us!
  • The entire collection is deeply compiled and categorized to its minutest details in order to meet your most specific needs.
A BAZAAR of fashion imitation bracelets on your SMARTPHONE!
It’s the online age now, where everything from a pin to a Porche can be bought online. Silvershinejewellery.com is eliminating your need to ever visit a physical store to purchase fashion imitation bracelets or any other fashion imitation jewellery.

Imagine waiting hours in a long traffic after a long day at work, only in order to get to your favourite store, but the shop keeper says that the new collection will only arrive the next day or the next week. What a waste of time and energy!

We especially recommend you ladies to think of our fashion imitation bracelets and jewellery while you’re busy at work. I can bet you, if you take even a few seconds out just to take a sneak-peek into our collection, you’d have already drooled over ordering something.

So to sum it up, we sell our fashion imitation bracelets and other kinds of fashion imitation bracelets online. The internal Silver Shine Jewellery team knows how insanely awesome our designs are, and there is every day a feeling of pure delight in our office since we know our loyal customers love our collections, and keep returning for more! It is a feeling that simply can’t be put to words.

So place your favourite fashion imitation bracelets and other jewelleries in your cart from the comfort of your coz blanket or from where you are and leave the expectations with a blind faith on us.

Our fashion imitation bracelets are placed at a very affordable range to suit your daily needs. Our range is priced from R300 – R500 for you to buy as many as you want even if you desire multiple designs!

Most of our customers love fashion and want to remain trendy. It is for this reason we have kept such a competitive pricing structure of our fashion imitation bracelets, so that our customers can frequently change their bracelets and not be bored of wearing the same old fashion bracelets every day.

But do stay rest assured for our product quality standards surpass our price. We have made sure to eliminate any discrepancy of information or illustration. What you see on your phone or your smart device is exactly what you get. For your benefit there is always a 15 day return policy in case you aren’t satisfied with the fashion bracelet or any other jewellery that you order. But that is just a pre-requisite, since we use our products ourselves as well.

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