Written by SilverShine (21-05-2019)

Sterling Silver Bracelet-A Trend That A Woman Cannot Miss

Jewelry is the first love of every woman. Depending on the occasion, they choose their jewelry pieces. Jewelry is the best way to reflect your true style and personality. Out of all jewelry items, the bracelet is considered as the most unique and precious fashion accessory that can add style and beauty to your look. 

Different types of bracelets are available in the fashion stores, but sterling silver bracelets for women is the best choice when you want to look stylish and classy. Also, sterling silver bracelets have been considered as popular jewelry item because of the sheerness and elegant designs they’re available in.

Sterling silver bracelets are a popular fashion trend and are available in different fashion stores as well as online jewelry stores. Each style has its own beauty and charm.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the sterling silver bracelets for women styles that are trending these days-

  • Cuff bracelet: Different from normal bangle bracelets, cuff silver bracelets have the closing clasp on both sides. They give a very refined and gorgeous look and are usually more expensive than other styles of bracelets.
  • Bangle bracelet: The is the simplest, most popular and traditional style of bracelets.925 pure sterling silver bracelets are the mainstay of the fashion accessories. You will find huge designs in sterling silver bangle bracelet like textured, painted, or patterned. These can either be worn individually or clubbed with simple bangles.
  • Link bracelet: This is another popular style of silver bracelet. Crafted with knottily laced links, the design is popular among teenagers.
  • Chain bracelet: This kind of bracelet has always given a stylish and timeless look to women as well as men. Not only they are trendy, but quite versatile too. Silver chain bracelets can be easily matched with any outfit and paired up with other accessories.
  • Charm Bracelet: Showing a very vintage appeal, charm bracelets have always been in the trend.925 pure sterling silver bracelets are one of the most common fashion accessories, worn by celebrities to commoners.