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Silver and Its Dazzling Shine
Centuries ago silver was used as coins. It was one of the most important metals of the early kingdoms of Peninsular India. Today the price of one ounce of silver has certainly become more than it’s own currency value of the past.
Silver has made its mark, today more than ever, with a tremendous market growth since 2016. Silver today is one of the most affordable yet classy jewellery metals. Silver used in jewellery being the most reflective metal doesn’t need much care to shine. Silver is almost like the sun. It shines in the dimmest places.

Silvershine’s Silver Jewellery Collection:

Silvershinejewellery.com presents you the best range of collections in silver and silver-coated jewelleries:
  1. We provide precision cut silver jewellery for girls and women online at the most affordable prices at your door-step.
  2. Our Designer Silver jewellery is a trendsetter and only the most handpicked designs make it to our website. Our designs are unique and 100% genuine. With the highest quality of silver, we understand and care for your body more than you. Our objective is to make your appearance look pretty without damaging them.
  3. Our woman’s and girl’s silver jewellery rings sold online are created with the most durable 925 sterling silver for it to last you for generations to come. We understand that silver jewellery rings are passed on from generation to generation. With the right kind of care, our rings will certainly last forever. Silver rings are not mere metal for us, for us woman’s and men’s silver rings are a symbol of commitment, pride, and honor. Any compromise on quality is beneath us.
  4. Wedding and good quality women’s silver jewellery sets at silvershinejewellery.com are the most convenient offering to a woman, and the patterns that we offer are so varied, those selecting just one would not be enough. Our trendy Indian women’s silver jewellery with silver jewellery with american diamonds are a profound blend of shine and radiance, an experience that would make you visit us wanting for more.
  5. Our unique competitive collection of affordable silver jewellery  like silver nose pins, silver toe rings, and silver anklets are all made of pure sterling silver and this makes us one of the most affordable girls and women silver jewellery brands in India. Your little desi quirks are kept in mind while selecting our designs for your special needs. We care about our customers, and hence our Indian silver jewellery sets and other kinds of women’s silver jewellery are all rhodium coated to avoid black tarnish formation due to atmospheric interaction.
Silvershine Doorstep Convenience
Enjoy the convenience of ordering genuine pure high end  silver jewellery at your doorstep, without going through the hassles of traffic. Why look for a silver jewellery store in the bazaar, when the entire silver bazaar is at the click of your finger? You deserve your time after your work, what you don’t deserve is being stuck in traffic in a bad weather. Leave that on us. Happy Shopping!
Why choose silver jewellery over gold jewellery?
Gold is out of Fashion
Gone are the old days, when gold was in fashion, the everyday jewellery is silver today. Girls or women designer silver jewellery is certainly the better and the more fashionable choice today. With our lives becoming fast-moving, and trends changing so fast, a lady would also want to change her jewellery at the same pace. Pure or polished silver do not cost much as compared to gold gives them an opportunity to own a diverse collection.
Silver Jewellery is very affordable
Silver is relatively inexpensive when compared with gold. With the rising global gold rates, it is only getting harder and harder to purchase different gold jewellery to be worn on different occasions, and hence today discount silver jewellery sets sold online is certainly the only sensible choice. There are several silver jewellery websites, though not everyone gives you the service that you deserve. Our silver jewellery website is a well oiled machine where each step of the process has been curated to make it an undeniably ever-wanting experience.
Silver has anti-bacterial properties
Silver is not just a mere metal, it has several anti-bacterial properties, and with the ongoing research, the demand for this precious metal is only on the rise. It is also known to have a soothing effect on one’s mind and is said to make a person feel more positive.
Silver has a positive inflation
As compared to gold, the price of pure sterling silver, in an unstable economic market increases more than gold. Silver today has become a true money converter. Silver is more liquid than gold, and in times of any emergency silver makes it an easy choice to convert it to cash.
Silver jewellery can be used for a daily basis
Silver jewellery due to its affordability can be worn pretty much every day. We sometimes lose jewellery, due to any reason whatsoever, but losing silver is not much of a loss unlike gold.
Silver jewellery can be worn on any occasion with anything
Aren’t you almost always confused what jewellery to wear with what clothes? Sterling silver jewellery is definitely a no brainer. Party clothes, Indian occasional wear, casual clothes, designer wear, or even at your everyday office, silver simply goes with everything. The diverse designs (silvershinejewellery.com) can make the scope of your choices so much wider, that you’ll end up wearing your favourite jewellery everyday without repeating.
The ONE AND ONLY fashion jewellery store you will ever need!
In the world of selfies and Instagram, when your clothing is on par with the trends, why must your jewellery stay behind? Today girl’s and women’s fashion jewellery has come to become a part of your daily personality. The kind of fashion jewellery you wear can make you a trendsetter in your circle. The kind of fashion jewellery brands you wear can create the kind of image that you want yourself to be known for.
Good quality fashion jewellery has become a part of any girl’s life now. May it be an official corporate meeting, a function to attend, an occasion, or just as low as a casual outing, you would surely glance
your jewellery in the mirror to check if it is near perfect before you leave the house. Today, in the 21st century, in the year 2019, a girl is no more known to be meant to only be a mother or a sister.

Today’s girl is a dreamer. Not just a dreamer, but she knows exactly how to achieve it. She’s usually a much harder worker than a boy. She’s competitive and does not wait for husband to provide the best for her, because quite possibly her strive is absolutely destroying her own expectations. Silver coated  and other kinds of fashion and jewelleries is absolutely the right way to go for her.

The forward thinking girl today simply does not have the time to buy gold jewellery and care for it on a daily basis. She’s a runner, who can’t be bothered by the thought of the possibility of misplacing expensive jewellery.

There is a reason why Fashion and imitation jewellery is the running trend today. Yes! Girls and young women have declared this to be the new trend! Fashion jewellery is the running trend today because girls they want the kind of fashion jewellery that matches not just their lifestyle but also their goals. Affordable fashion jewellery for girls is not just an item to buy, it is a phenomenon speaking to the masses that we want jewellery that is trendy by the week! We want to wear a new one almost every week if not every other day! There is a reason why cheap fashion jewellery has come to stay.

The woman of 2019 knows how to work a corporate job, be independent, take care of her family, and at the same time do it with an elegance of grace, which makes it all look so effortless. All this is not an easy virtue. Bringing everything together comes with working consistently and constantly taking the right decisions on a daily basis. These kinds of decision making have led to woman and girls collaboratively making trendy and affordable good quality fashion jewellery the new style statement.

A working girl or a woman need not have the time to visit a store especially to buy fashion jewellery. So how is it does she stay on point, trendy, and still make it to work and meet all her errands without fail. Well, that’s where technology steps in. The need or want arises and technology creates and follows.
 It’s a woman’s world today in 2019, and an entire market of fashion jewellery works hard to help them stay on point with their persona. Today there are numerous online jewellery websites, where a girl can visit at any hour of any day and browse through the never-ending collections especially designed for her taste. Although not all of them have their trends updated, their user experience curated, their quality checks stringent, or their after sales services on point.

Silvershinejewellery.com has the ultimate one-stop shop for all your fashion jewellery needs. We are an experienced team of individuals all working to achieve one goal, provide an unmatchable shopping experience all their new and loyal customers.

May it be designer jewellery for daily wear, wedding fashion jewellery, or teenage fashion jewellery sets, silvershinejewellery.com has it all. The kind of variety our teenage and women fashion earrings have is unmatchable. No matter what your preference, may it be western, desi or vintage, I assure you, you won’t leave our page without a purchase. The high end fashion jewellery rings collection is created with the utmost care and love, to your meet your casual or eternal needs. Our newest affordable fashion jeweller braceletsfashion jewellery sets and fashion jeweller chains are carefully handpicked and only the cream and most irresistibly ravishing and glamorous ones make it to the website for you to make a choice from. We are sorry if you fall prey to confusion between two or more designs, but although it is not our motive to confuse you between two designs, it sure is our mission to provide you only the best cheap good quality fashion jewellery. The silvershinejewellery.com team works hard for its beautiful customers and accepts no compromise in quality and service.

Silvershinejewellery.com team assures you that we have an unparalleled collection that no one in the market can offer. Our fashion jewellery website caters to special gifting needs for numerous festivals. May it be for men or women our collection is genuinely unbeatable. Our website is one of the top fashion jewellery sites having an absolutely incomparable range of more than 4000 products with the newest fashion jewellery trends.
Silver Shine Jewellery  is a family of expert and young individuals putting in all their efforts towards creating the best Fashion and Silver Jewellery portal to have ever existed!
We at Silver Shine Jewellery work with our hearts and minds combined with the right standards deliver you a very personilzed piece of fashion and silver jewellery  to provide you with an unforgettable experience, an experience that you’d return asking for more.
-Team Silver Shine Jewellery

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