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Silver Jewellery and fashion imitation jewellery for the Women of the 21st Century

Before colonial times in India, jewellery may it be silver jewellery was extremely uninspiring. There were good designs, but weren’t simply of the standard that truly amazed anyone who knew about silver jewellery or artificial fashion imitation.

Silver Jewellery and Fashion Imitation Jewellery after the Mughals Entered India

In the 16th century, the Mughals entered India. They conquered the Deccan plateau and some parts of Kashmir and stretched towards Assam in their entire reign. I wouldn’t say it was the best thing that happened to India, but considering the styles of silver jewellery and fashion imitation that are found today are some of the most marvellous designs, but wait we’re getting ahead of ourselves, let's get back to the Mughals.
When the Mughals entered in the early 16th century, i.e. the early 1500s, their women and men both had jaw-dropping styles of silver jewellery that the Indians had never witnessed before. Imagine you knew how to drive really well, and you were infact proud of it, now how would you feel if you met the lead protagonist from the movie Baby Driver. That’s probably how exactly the Indians felt. Everything that they ever knew seemed completely hogwash, they probably froze in time because that was how beautiful the fashion imitation jewellery of the men and women of the Mughals were. The Indians were truly baffled. Owners of fashion imitation jewellery stores within in India would’ve actually questioned themselves that none of their fashion jewellery pieces come as close as what the Mughals wore.

Slowly as Mughals completely took control of a major portion of India, a lot of cultural influence was very evident. What this did was, the several fashion jewellery stores owned by Indians were taken over by the Mughals and trading of goods and materials began. This was what turned the entire picture around for fashion imitation jewellery. Design exchanges took place and now by acquiring Indian materials of silver and other precious materials the Mughals had began to create jewellery for the Mughal women and men. There is certainly one thing to keep in mind that the presence of Mughals was felt for 200 years. This means atleast 4-5 generations of Mughals were born within India.

Now while several Indians were nearly forced while some recruited by the Mughals to work to create silver jewellery and fashion imitation, this meant that it gave them the opportunity to secretly learn how to create the kind of fashion imitation jewellery that the Mughals made. Well, now most silver or fashion imitation jewellery stores were pretty much run by these conquerors.
The Indians got the opportunity and probably that’s where the Arabic touch of design came into our styles of silver fashion imitation jewellery online today. Our styles are not at all Arabic, but you will certainly find a noticeable inspiration drawn from there.
Now patriarchy existed even in those days and has even today made a strong mark in India, to a point that women still struggle to find equality even today, but ofcourse it is a little more relaxed today than as compared to those days.
Back then mostly what the men said women did. After gaining so much knowledge over the years, and after Mughals like Akhbar who was much more liberal than most, all silver jewellery and fashion imitation jewellery designers got the chance to create their own style, experiment openly with resources without any suppression, and moreover silver or fashion imitation jewellery became more of a trading item than that of a wearing one, since most jewellery merchants wanted to increase their credibility and hence creating jewellery for any royal became far more important than actually selling jewellery to ordinary people. Money and resource both were in abundance even back then, but it wasn’t accessible to all, just like today. Patriarchy although had penetrated the deepest of roots, a clear demarcation between the wealthy and the poor was clearly visible. Jewellery designing became a lucky skill to have.

Silver Jewellery and Fashion Imitation Jewellery artists during the British Rule

Western styles of fashion imitation silver jewellery came to us along with slavery and the British rule, we didn’t really go anywhere. Trust me I am really resisting myself to write a really dark joke here. Indians took it all. Indian jewellery designers by now were pretty skilled and were again forced to make jewellery for royals in Britain and the British royals of the East India Company that established itself in the 17th century and that’s when the entire turn began. The existing Mughals were pretty loose on their hold, and most of them were bought off or killed while most Indian Kings were either bought off or arrested or assassinated.
Indian jewellery designers still survived, perfected their art, learned their ways and took complete advantage of their skills to charge a moderate fee for surviving in a dog eat dog world.
Although “sati” was abolished patriarchy never left India, and at times remnants of patriarchy are still existent even today in India especially in the rural parts of India. Patriarchy continued to persist strongly for decades even after India became independent. Out of the 289 members that signed the constitution of India only 15 were women. Nevertheless certainly a lot has changed in today’s times

Choices of Silver Jewellery and Fashion Imitation Jewellery by Women made today! 

The times of today are of equality, and somehow nearly in every field of careers women seem to be doing far better than men which says a lot about the entire change of events that have taken place. Men once told women to wear a certain kind of silver jewellery or fashion imitation. Most men once dictated the kind of girls imitation jewellery that his daughter will wear. Husbands once chose the style of silver jewellery that his wife would wear. But that is not the case today. Today times are completely different. Today women don’t just take decisions about the kind of jewellery that they are going to wear, if you know what I mean.
The women of today no longer want to be tied to the burdens of wearing expensive jewellery that has been dictated by norms of the society or for that matters by norms created by the men of the society. Today’s young women and girls want to feel the freedom that has always been enjoyed by men while resisting women. Today’s women are forward thinkers and are forward thinkers. They not only have big dreams but have the abilities and capabilities to convert those dreams into a reality. Women today have left most men far behind in the race of success. Today most women don’t want to wear jewellery brands that are extremely expensive on a daily basis. These working women would rather choose to wear a pair of silver jewellery or fashion imitation than actually let expensive jewellery cling to their body and trouble their mind by staying conscious about it the entire day while the sole purpose to wear any jewellery design wasn’t to create an obstacle but was rather to make them look complete. But a sad little scratch on the expensive fashion imitation jewellery, or probably an expensive pair lost or broken due to daily movements, and a day is ruined with upsetting and unsettling regret.
This is exactly what the women of today don’t want. Women of today would rather have the complete convenience of wearing an inexpensive but beautiful pair of silver jewellery or fashion imitation jewellery with the liberty to rotate it. Rather SilverShine wants one step more added to that layer of convenience and that is for them to never step out of their houses to get even a single pair of silver jewellery or fashion imitation jewellery (but more on that later).
Women today want their jewellery to encourage them to easily move around without the slightest of worry about their jewellery rather with a relaxation of it giving them the confidence to perform better by looking their best. Most silver jewellery or fashion imitation stores are either expensive or are a part of a bazaar which is extremely crowded and accessing it requires a hell of a journey. But nevertheless women do that at times since they understand that they are gaining something out of it and that the hassle is totally worth it, which was true but isn’t anymore thanks to silver jewellery online and fashion imitation online stores.
Today one can easily access them online and SilverShine is one of the largest web-store in the whole world that provides such precious items at a price like none other, and at a standard quality.
Women today want to wear silver jewellery and fashion imitation jewellery that complements their daily actions, that nearly deceives the others and makes their daily tasks and some of the most critical decisions that they take look seamless and unquestionably easy unless one actually tries it.
This is where SilverShine encourages the pragmatic spenders of the SilverShine community and keeps the silver jewellery and fashion imitation price as close to its absolute value as possible. This gives the opportunity to the women and men of our community to buy as many pairs, as many times they want. See the purpose is not sell, but to solve problems. SilverShine has always believed in solving the problems of especially most women of its community of shoppers for which they have tried their level best to keep all possible modes of communication open for its community, may it be direct messaging on social where one would receive prompt responses, emails on our official email address mentioned in the footer of our portal or calling us and speaking to us directly via the phone number mentioned in the footer of our portal.
Silver and Its Dazzling Shine
Centuries ago silver was used as coins. It was one of the most important metals of the early kingdoms of Peninsular India. Today the price of one ounce of silver has certainly become more than it’s own currency value of the past.

Silver has made its mark, today more than ever, with a tremendous market growth since 2016. Silver today is one of the most affordable yet classy jewellery metals. Silver used in jewellery being the most reflective metal doesn’t need much care to shine. Silver is almost like the sun. It shines in the dimmest places.
Silvershine’s Silver Jewellery Collection:
SilverShine presents you the best range of collections in silver and silver-coated jewelleries:
  1. We provide precision cut silver jewellery for girls and women online at the most affordable prices at your door-step.
  2. Our Designer Silver jewellery is a trendsetter and only the most handpicked designs make it to our website. Our designs are unique and 100% genuine. With the highest quality of silver, we understand and care for your body more than you. Our objective is to make your appearance look pretty without damaging them.
  3. Our woman’s and girl’s rings sold online are created with the most durable 925 sterling silver for it to last you for generations to come. We understand that silver rings are passed on from generation to generation. With the right kind of care, our rings will certainly last forever. Silver rings are not mere metal for us, for us woman’s and men’s rings are a symbol of commitment, pride, and honor. Any compromise on quality is beneath us.
  4. Wedding and good quality women’s silver jewellery sets at SilverShine are the most convenient offering to a woman, and the patterns that we offer are so varied, those selecting just one would not be enough. Our trendy Indian women’s jewellery with silver jewellery with american diamonds are a profound blend of shine and radiance, an experience that would make you visit us wanting for more.
  1. Our unique competitive collection of affordable silver jewellery  like silver nose pins, silver toe rings, and silver anklets are all made of pure sterling silver and this makes us one of the most affordable girls and women silver jewellery brands in India. Your little desi quirks are kept in mind while selecting our designs for your special needs. We care about our customers, and hence our Indian silver jewellery sets and other kinds of women’s silver jewellery are all rhodium coated to avoid black tarnish formation due to atmospheric interaction.
Silvershine Doorstep Convenience
Enjoy the convenience of ordering genuine pure high end  silver jewellery at your doorstep, without going through the hassles of traffic. Why look for a silver jewellery store in the bazaar, when the entire silver bazaar is at the click of your finger? You deserve your time after your work, what you don’t deserve is being stuck in traffic in a bad weather. Leave that on us. Happy Shopping!

Why choose silver jewellery over gold jewellery?

Gold is out of Fashion
Gone are the old days, when gold was in fashion, the everyday jewellery is silver today. Girls or women designer silver jewellery is certainly the better and the more fashionable choice today. With our lives becoming fast-moving, and trends changing so fast, a lady would also want to change her jewellery at the same pace. Pure or polished silver do not cost much as compared to gold gives them an opportunity to own a diverse collection.

Silver Jewellery is very affordable
Silver is relatively inexpensive when compared with gold. With the rising global gold rates, it is only getting harder and harder to purchase different gold jewellery to be worn on different occasions, and hence today discount silver jewellery sets sold online is certainly the only sensible choice. There are several silver jewellery websites, though not everyone gives you the service that you deserve. Our silver jewellery website is a well oiled machine where each step of the process has been curated to make it an undeniably ever-wanting experience.

Silver has anti-bacterial properties
Silver is not just a mere metal, it has several anti-bacterial properties, and with the ongoing research, the demand for this precious metal is only on the rise. It is also known to have a soothing effect on one’s mind and is said to make a person feel more positive.

Silver has a positive inflation
As compared to gold, the price of pure sterling silver, in an unstable economic market increases more than gold. Silver today has become a true money converter. Silver is more liquid than gold, and in times of any emergency silver makes it an easy choice to convert it to cash.

Silver jewellery can be used for a daily basis
Silver jewellery due to its affordability can be worn pretty much every day. We sometimes lose jewellery, due to any reason whatsoever, but losing silver is not much of a loss unlike gold.

Silver jewellery can be worn on any occasion with anything
Aren’t you almost always confused what jewellery to wear with what clothes? Sterling silver jewellery is definitely a no brainer. Party clothes, Indian occasional wear, casual clothes, designer wear, or even at your everyday office, silver simply goes with everything. The diverse designs (SilverShine) can make the scope of your choices so much wider, that you’ll end up wearing your favourite jewellery everyday without repeating.
The ONE AND ONLY fashion jewellery store you will ever need!
In the world of selfies and Instagram, when your clothing is on par with the trends, why must your jewellery stay behind? Today girl’s and women’s fashion jewellery has come to become a part of your daily personality. The kind of fashion jewellery you wear can make you a trendsetter in your circle. The kind of fashion jewellery brands you wear can create the kind of image that you want yourself to be known for.

Good quality fashion jewellery has become a part of any girl’s life now. May it be an official corporate meeting, a function to attend, an occasion, or just as low as a casual outing, you would surely glance
your jewellery in the mirror to check if it is near perfect before you leave the house. Today, in the 21st century, in the year 2019, a girl is no more known to be meant to only be a mother or a sister.

Today’s girl is a dreamer. Not just a dreamer, but she knows exactly how to achieve it. She’s usually a much harder worker than a boy. She’s competitive and does not wait for husband to provide the best for her, because quite possibly her strive is absolutely destroying her own expectations. Silver coated  and other kinds of fashion and jewelleries is absolutely the right way to go for her.

The forward thinking girl today simply does not have the time to buy gold jewellery and care for it on a daily basis. She’s a runner, who can’t be bothered by the thought of the possibility of misplacing expensive jewellery.

There is a reason why Fashion and imitation jewellery is the running trend today. Yes! Girls and young women have declared this to be the new trend! Fashion jewellery is the running trend today because girls they want the kind of fashion jewellery that matches not just their lifestyle but also their goals. Affordable fashion jewellery for girls is not just an item to buy, it is a phenomenon speaking to the masses that we want jewellery that is trendy by the week! We want to wear a new one almost every week if not every other day! There is a reason why cheap fashion jewellery has come to stay.

The woman of 2019 knows how to work a corporate job, be independent, take care of her family, and at the same time do it with an elegance of grace, which makes it all look so effortless. All this is not an easy virtue. Bringing everything together comes with working consistently and constantly taking the right decisions on a daily basis. These kinds of decision making have led to woman and girls collaboratively making trendy and affordable good quality fashion jewellery the new style statement.

A working girl or a woman need not have the time to visit a store especially to buy fashion jewellery. So how is it does she stay on point, trendy, and still make it to work and meet all her errands without fail. Well, that’s where technology steps in. The need or want arises and technology creates and follows.
 It’s a woman’s world today in 2019, and an entire market of fashion jewellery works hard to help them stay on point with their persona. Today there are numerous online jewellery websites, where a girl can visit at any hour of any day and browse through the never-ending collections especially designed for her taste. Although not all of them have their trends updated, their user experience curated, their quality checks stringent, or their after sales services on point.

SilverShine has the ultimate one-stop shop for all your fashion jewellery needs. We are an experienced team of individuals all working to achieve one goal, provide an unmatchable shopping experience all their new and loyal customers.

May it be designer jewellery for daily wear, wedding fashion jewellery, or teenage fashion jewellery sets, SilverShine has it all. The kind of variety our teenage and women fashion earrings have is unmatchable. No matter what your preference, may it be western, desi or vintage, I assure you, you won’t leave our page without a purchase. The high end fashion jewellery rings collection is created with the utmost care and love, to your meet your casual or eternal needs. Our newest affordable fashion braceletsfashion choker sets and fashion chains are carefully handpicked and only the cream and most irresistibly ravishing and glamorous ones make it to the website for you to make a choice from. We are sorry if you fall prey to confusion between two or more designs, but although it is not our motive to confuse you between two designs, it sure is our mission to provide you only the best cheap good quality fashion jewellery. The SilverShine team works hard for its beautiful customers and accepts no compromise in quality and service.

SilverShine team assures you that we have an unparalleled collection that no one in the market can offer. Our fashion jewellery website caters to special gifting needs for numerous festivals. May it be for men or women our collection is genuinely unbeatable. Our website is one of the top fashion jewellery sites having an absolutely incomparable range of more than 4000 products with the newest fashion trends.
SilverShine Convenience
Great! We are finally here. After telling you every possible way by which women think they want convenience now, SilverShine wants more convenience for the women, you might just be wondering if we are a feminist by now. Don’t worry we do it for everyone who’s a part of our community of shoppers.
SilverShine does not want you to fight the insane traffic, waste fuel, waste your money, waste your time, waste your weekend just for designer silver jewellery. Imagine you working like crazy for the entire week and then there’s a wedding coming up next week and by now you are completely spent, and the weekend that you were looking forward to distress and relax has now turned into a crazy drive to a bazaar adventure where you are looking for a parking spot for the last 30 minutes just so that you could get out and walk to a couple of jewellery stores to get your favourites and exit. Wow! If I were you, i'd have probably started questioning my existence by now. Nevertheless, this isn’t about what us or I think it’s about what you are willing to give up to looking absolutely specless on the wedding.
SilverShine loves solving problems remember? SilverShine to the rescue!
The webs-store of SilverShine is created keeping in mind things like time, convenience to navigate, convenience to find specific sterling silver fashion imitation jewellerySilverShine online jewellery shop makes gives you an unforgettable experience of convenience and quality that you’d sure return asking for more. Providing you with jewellery that is absolutely mind-boggling, created with some of the toughest standards of quality tests, SilverShine is providing an online interface which works in some of the most old internet conditions like 2G and 3G while it ofcourse runs super fast on 4G and 5G networks. SilverShine also allows you to shop by price and gives you the liberty to shop by price in two different categories i.e. silver jewellery sets and fashion imitation sets. Isn’t that crazy enough?
Wait! It's not over yet
Take a breather because what am going to tell you will blow your mind. All silver jewellery with SilverShine is Rhodium plated. This simply means your pure 925 sterling jewellery can now be easily worn on a daily basis since rhodium is a metal that unlike silver does not turn black. Rhodium is a stable and noble metal which does not interact with any of the elements of the atmosphere. Silver, on the other hand, reacts with sulphur when exposed to normal air and creates a black tarnish layer on the silver jewellery called silver sulphide which does not cause any harm to human skin, but is certainly not pleasing to look at.
SilverShine has a special space for its silver lovers but never lets its fashion imitation jewellery shoppers feel any less. The materials used to create its fashion imitation jewellery are pewter, nickel and brass which are all rust-free materials. These are all cheap and durable materials.
The high-quality jewellery at SilverShine also includes Indian silver wedding jewellery set for girls and trendy silver jewellery for daily wear.
SilverShine Collections

We provide two broad categories of jewellery, i.e. Silver and Fashion Jewellery. 

Under Silver Jewellery the main products are silver rings, bracelet, earrings, pendant sets, chains, toe rings, and anklets.
While, the main products under Fashion Jewellery comprise earrings, rings, bracelets, chains, sets.

We do provide a third category of accessories for men which also has a demarcation between silver and fashion.

Social Circles
What is the one thing that every shopper wants? That is certainly a way to easily ask for suggestions from her/his family and friends over what kind of pattern can one order or maybe just a brief discussion in a group about it.
We are in 2019 right now, with 2020 just right around the corner. It’d be a disgrace if we didn’t provide a facility for all the shoppers to be able to share the fashion imitation jewellery designs over other messaging and social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. And that’s exactly what we provide with. It's not a big deal because according to us this is non-negotiable for any e-commerce company and we are just letting you know that its there, so stay rest assured and use the facility all that you need.
Packaging and Safety
Okay, so SilverShine nearly has an OCD when it comes to packaging and safety. The packaging experts at SilverShine have literally simulated several packaging and unboxing experiences just to try to understand how it feels to be on the other end. It is always understood that the delivery company is going to package it safely before it is shipped, but SilverShine itself packages it to be doubly sure.
The moment you place an order on our jewellery website for your designer silver fashion imitation jewellery online, those items are removed from the inventory and packaged in a safe and clean environment absent of any contaminants of any sort. SilverShine detests when one opens a package and before experience, the jewellery one experiences dust, I mean what is that about. The packaging is hence done in a clean environment and while keeping safety standards.
Delivering smiles
So what is it that goes down after we prepare your items to ship? Well, to say the least, we have partnered with some of the most veteran delivery partners in the country to deliver your products safely to you. It is needless to say that we wouldn’t carry out an entire process to near perfection and then let loose holes take over. Our delivery partner doesn’t just complete assure our community shoppers but also us since delivery of your chosen items is as important to us as it is to you. The veteran companies that deliver you your precious jewellery have nearly lacs of deliveries under their belt on a daily basis which completely relaxes us and assures us that your package would make it to you in a timely, safe and accurate manner. Our pleasant partnership with our delivery partners also gives you the opportunity to keep your billing and shipping address different. This means gifting someone something while not giving away the price of the product is now possible with SilverShine. You can order any item on our web-store and keep the billing address as yours (for example) and shipping address the destination where it needs to be sent and you will receive its bill and the item will be delivered to the destination set address.
SilverShine Web Store aims at achieving a level of communication that no other website in the industry has. There are several brands out there that nearly ignore their customer’s feedback, or even if the store tries to communicate about imitation jewellery it is just not enough and then they expect brand loyalty from a customer. SilverShine Web Store communicates using 5 different methods:
Questions on other platforms
SilverShine also provides their products on some of the more prominent web stores. These are vastly popular and have truly formed a very heavy footfall for themselves. SilverShine silver and imitation jewellery have been highly appreciative of on these platforms. Such portals generally have a practice of providing a service for their customers to ask questions. SilverShine takes advantage of that feature and answers to each and every single question posed by hundreds of customers on a daily basis on our products on the portal. Hence we have also been able to create basic information about the imitation jewellery which is what exactly draws us like a moth to a flame on these portals as we find there are some people that genuinely appreciate our imitation jewellery. These websites also provide us with verified reviews. Using those quality reviews we understand what are the issues that our community members are coming across, who has come across an issue with their ordered product (although this is a tedious task to perform and hence we always urge our community shoppers to either approach us on social media, or email or call us straight away. SilverShine values communication a lot and makes a lot of efforts trying to understand what our customers and just like a data journalist goes through all the reviews on various products and tries to understand what must be included in their future collections.
Email Feedback
The SilverShine website store footer has an email address using which you can always provide direct feedback into our inbox which is checked on a daily basis and prompt replies are provided to each customer. We have received several kinds of messages ranging from positive feedbacks, enquiries, random questions about fashion jewellery, some negative feedbacks too that got resolved after we received them, you know after all we are all perfect right, and I as a writer at SilverShine website store am pretty sure if I hadn’t mentioned negative feedbacks, people would’ve been like “What do you think? You’re perfect?” And that obviously isn’t the case. Email feedbacks can always be used by professionals to mail us anything professional! Outlook protects its security.
Social Media
SilverShine website store loves social media. Isn’t that obvious? The social media team of SilverShine are all avid users of social media themselves and make it a point to respond promptly to all your queries overall social media platforms. Social media platforms where the SilverShine website store is active are Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Our social media team wanted to span out and reach the level of an ender dragon, but we asked them not to do so because the ender dragon has to die. Wait you don’t play Minecraft? Well, SilverShine doesn't judge.
SilverShine makes it their utmost priority to not spam messages over any platform whatsoever, to not use your feedbacks without asking your permission and ofcourse using your data without your permission. Data here pertains to both the data that you provide us with on the social media platforms as well as data that you provide us with on all social media platforms without any permission. If you want to know more about our privacy policy please click the link “Privacy Policy” mentioned in the footer of our page!
Contact Number
Wait what? Seriously? Yes, that is exactly how most of our customers react. No bricks or mortar for us! We don’t have any physical store for our imitation jewellery. The reason that we dont have a physical store are several, although we might just have one someday. We have managed to establish trust by having a permanent contact number since you could easily call us between the stipulated working hours and we assure you that you’d easily be able to speak to us without the slightest hassles. SilverShine website store’s favourite kind of conversation is when one of our community shoppers just randomly calls us to discuss fashion jewellery. It is the best kind of conversation that team SilverShine loves to have. No strings attached and just a pure silver and imitation jewellery based conversation.
Product Reviews
SilverShine provides a facility which it truly considers a website store standard and that is the facility for its customers to be able to write product reviews against every product. SilverShine always makes it a point to the only post verified customer reviews. This facility allows keeping transparency amongst the community so that if we have missed a particular issue we will never miss the buzz of the community regarding that issue. SilverShine website store truly appreciates customer reviews because on silver and imitation jewellery since it truly allows it ascertain:
  1. Product Issues
  2. Manufacturing Defects
  3. Design Issues
  4. Any unforeseen issues regarding the user interface of the website store
  5. Include requested styles and designs in future collections
SilverShine makes it a point to gather all kinds of product reviews on or off our website store, email feedbacks, verbal feedbacks and enquiries to make sure that they do not miss a single thing when they are creating new collections. This is what helps SilverShine to improve and better themselves everyday and learn something new everyday, always one-up their collections each time that they are introduced for the SilverShine community shoppers. The value of communication internally is anyways very highly regarded, but the value of communication of our website store externally is equally highly regarded and it is what empowers us to create truly exceptional collections, solving problems like size, etc and truly refine us as a brand that always believes in serving its community shoppers without which they’d cease to exist.
Team SilverShine
SilverShine works round the clock to create and serve the greatest collections in the world, and hence it has a strong community of shoppers that appreciates its efforts that are truly unique. The SilverShine team makes every step possible and always yearns to learn more. Often there is fashion discussion inside the doors of the SilverShine office where one might debate pleasantly over aesthetics and keep each other stimulated. SilverShine enjoys problem-solving and many a time delves very deep into it to resolve issues like size, order issues, etc. Hence SilverShine has a set process protocol from beginning to the end, any deviations from which nearly alarm an employ that the process is not being followed and hence deviating from processes while solving problems are also completely avoided by keeping a method for it in place.
Return Policy.
A 15 Days return policy is in place with SilverShine for the convenience of its shoppers to make it easy to carelessly shop with all the freedom in the world. Please do keep in mind that anything that you shop, the amount of it won’t be refunded and the funds equivalent to its amount will be credited into your SilverShine account with a reasonable amount of time to purchase anything else on the web-store. Considering the entire process of ease and convenience, this is a deliberate attempt to safeguard our efforts to continue our operations smoothly and we are sure that our SilverShine community shoppers truly respect those.
For further details on the return policy, please refer to the “Return Policy” link on the footer of our web-store. Happy Shopping!
Silver Shine is a family of expert and young individuals putting in all their efforts towards creating the best Fashion and Silver Jewellery portal to have ever existed!
We at Silver Shine work with our hearts and minds combined with the right standards deliver you a very personilzed piece of fashion and silver jewellery  to provide you with an unforgettable experience, an experience that you’d return asking for more.
-Team Silver Shine

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